Covid-19 Response

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What we’re doing for COVID-9 safety.

As COVID-19 has been spreading through the world and affecting the hospitality industry as a whole with unprecedented circumstances, we as a family-owned restaurant are committed to providing a safe and comfortable dining experience for all of our patrons who choose to dine with us. In line with government mandates, we’ve established new guidelines and systems within our restaurant to ensure the safety of our guests and employees.

Disinfecting and Hygiene

-All Front of House staff is required to wear masks and gloves, as well as engage in regular handwashing. Gloves will be discarded after interactions with individual guests, and a chlorine-based hand sanitizer is used before putting on new gloves.

-All Back of House staff is required to wear masks and engage in regular handwashing supplemented with usage of a chlorine-based hand sanitizer.

-Upon a guest leaving, all dining surfaces and seating surfaces will be sprayed with a Quat based disinfectant and wiped down with towels that have been soaking in the same solution. Menus will also be extensively wiped down with this disinfecting solution, and left to air dry.

-Utensils are pre-wrapped by our servers after washing hands.

-All tableware is washed in a process that involves 165 degree water with chlorine-based sanitization.

-All staff are screened for COVID-19 symptoms before their shift.

Dining With Us

-All guests are required to wear face coverings when entering the restaurant as well as when leaving the table to move about the restaurant.

-A chlorine-based hand sanitizer will be provided for all entering guests.

-Tables are limited to a maximum of 6 guests. Larger parties will be split between multiple tables.

-Curbside pickup is an option for all takeout orders, where we will run payment and food in and out of the restaurant for patrons who utilize this option.

-All guests who are not dining together must keep at least 6 feet of space in between themselves and others.