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About Our Chinese Restaurant

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About Our Chinese Restaurant
We Chinese have an expression: “Chi fan le mei you”, which literally means: “Have you eaten yet?” It is used universally as a greeting, just as one would ask in English, “How are you?” It is also a wish for one’s health and happiness. It is entirely appropriate phrase, since food to the Chinese culture has always meant much more than mere sustenance, and the process of the cultivating, selecting, cooking and consuming it are embedded into the world’s oldest culture. The history of our cooking began in the Northeastern region of China, where the knowledge of Chinese cuisine was nurtured simply by listening to dinner table conversations and discussing what we were to eat, how it would be prepared what our favorite dishes were, and the best methods for cooking various delicacies; Oriental cooking is like an artist, talking about art to his peers. For our family food is more than a passion; it is a truism that food is life, but within our culture it is also health and a symbol of other good things such as luck and prosperity. At each meal a Chinese adds to his virtue, strengthening resistance to ills of the body and mind, rendering the body capable of better work.

Many people think that all Chinese cooking is similar. The five early cooking styles of Peking, Hunan, Szuchuan, Canton and Fukien share a common technique. Our chefs have over 100 years combined cooking experience in preparing the best three Oriental culture: Chinese because its flavor; Korean because of its spices; Japanese because its mildness. Our chefs create a distinct and memorable taste in our food. A well prepared dish is expected to appeal more senses than one of taste, its colors should be pleasing to the eye, the ingredients should be of uniform size, it should be aromatic, the effort is to create a pleasing balance. Our family owned and operated a traditional restaurant in Seoul, Korea for over two decades before coming to America. Our family thinks of our customers as guests of our family, and will be served with our very best, as if they were dining in our home. A customer once said, “Your restaurant is Houston’s best kept secret. This is the best Oriental food I have eaten!” Enjoy our Unique food entrees, allow our staff to assist you with your food, beverage & dessert selections. Welcome to the house of Wu.